Uma em quatro mulheres e 75 milhões de crianças não conseguem ler!

abril 10, 2009

"1 in 4 women and 75 million children can't read this. Take part in the Global Campaign for Education's Big Read. This is taking place 20th - 26th April." (campaignforeducation,
"What is the Big Read?
774 million adults can not read this, and 75 million children who are not in school will be denied the chance to learn to read and write.

After reading a story in the Big Read we are asking you to write your name for the millions that cannot.

We are collecting the names to deliver to governments during the week of the 20th to 26th of April 2009 to demand that they take action to make sure that everyone has an education." (.:.)

2 Comentários:

Maria José Vitorino 21:19  

good stuff
boa informação!


Margarida 21:30  

Thanks! :-)

É um projecto no seu início.


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