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abril 03, 2009

"A teacher's job is not easy. You may have big classes of 40 and more pupils -all of them individuals ! Having children with disabilities or from disavantaged backgrounds in your class often reauires more work but It need not be so: you can manage differences among the children." (Ana Maria Benard da Costa, Janet Holdsworth, Ture Jönsson, Bonaventure Sylvester Kanyanta, Elina Lehtomäki, Ana Luisa Lopez, Susie Miles, Nithi Muthukrishna, Brian O’Toole, Lena Saleh, RanaShaban, Molly Thorburn and Sai Väyrynen |UNESCO)
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*Versão portuguesa produzida pela Cidadãos do Mundo com autorização escrita da CSIE Tradução: Ana Benard da Costa José Vaz Pinto

Documents in Bahasa Indonesia

Documents in Portuguese

Call for articles for EENET’s 2009 newsletter

The next newsletter will have a focus on inclusive life-long learning, including non-formal, informal and alternative education, pre-primary and vocational education. Deadline for submitting first drafts or ideas has been extended to mid-March. For more details, click here.

Young Voices: Young people’s views of inclusive education

This 14-minute film, shot in Tanzania and Uganda, is now available to watch online, via YouTube. The film is in two parts. Watch part 1. Watch part 2. A user’s guidecontact EENET. with transcript is also available (pdf 50k). To request the film on DVD, please

Inclusive Education: Where there are few resources (2008)

This very popular book has been fully revised and updated and is now available to download (pdf 1mb). Hard copies are available from EENET.

“Enabling Education” No. 12, 2008

EENET’s latest newsletter is available to download in PDF format (1.2mb). It contains a special section focusing on the issue of language and how it helps or hinders the educational inclusion of millions of children.

New Portuguese-language website and newsletter

We are delighted to announce that Citizens of the World, an NGO based in Portugal, has launched Rede Inclusão – an EENET-inspired inclusive education website. It aims specifically to help education practitioners and stakeholders in Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, São Tomé and Principé to document and share their experiences of inclusive education. The Rede Inclusão website address is:
The network’s first newsletter can be found at:

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