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abril 23, 2009

Global Campaign for Education
Global Action Week - The Big Read
April 20-26, 2009

The Big Read Graphic

Dear INEE Members,

There are 774 million illiterate adults, 75 million children out of primary school and 226 million children not in secondary school, a large percentage of whom are in crisis-affected countries. Nearly all governments have promised 'Education for All' by 2015, yet the current global financial crisis threatens to worsen the global situation and leave millions more without an education.

This week, 10 million people around the world are expected to take part in the Global Campaign for Action's Global Action Week - The Big Read, to demand urgent action for the one in four women and many others worldwide, children and adults, who are illiterate. Nelson Mandela, Natalie Portman, Desmond Tutu, Alice Walker and others have contributed stories to The Big Read - a book aimed at challenging the global education crisis. It has been distributed in more than 100 countries free of charge to children, parents and adult learners.

This week readers will add their name to a declaration - demanding that all governments deliver a high quality, free, public education. The Global Campaign for Action is collecting the names to deliver to governments to demand that they take action to make sure that everyone has an education.

Download the Big Read, sign the petition, and find out more about activities happening around the world this week, by visiting

INEE's Teaching and Learning Initiative: Tackling Literacy and Numeracy

INEE's recently launched Teaching and Learning Initiative aims to develop Guidance Notes and a Resource Pack on numeracy, literacy and lifeskills curriculum assessment, development, monitoring and evaluation to help agencies, teacher colleges and education ministries steadily improve the quality and relevance of education especially at primary and lower secondary levels.
  • INEE will be facilitating a series of virtual consultations over the INEE listserv as well as face-to-face consultations in the second half of 2009. Stay tuned to the INEE listserv and the Teaching and Learning Initiative webpage for more information.
We would also encourage any INEE members who are marking the Global Campaign for Education's Action Week to share news of your efforts with the INEE secretariat:


INEE Secretariat

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