'Why insurance companies avoid special children'

maio 25, 2009

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"SEVERAL insurance companies say that special children, such as those with Down Syndrome, are not covered under health or medical insurance.

This came to light following claims by parents of such children that no company was willing to insure their child, leaving them with little financial help should anything go wrong, such as the cases highlighted by Malay Mail.

AXA Affin General Insurance Bhd has admitted the claim by a parent that her son was declined medical cover upon his admission into a hospital in Subang Jaya for treatment for leukemia recently because he had Down Syndrome.

Its communications manager Chan Beng Beng said: "Yes, it is true that people with congenital conditions such as Down Syndrome are not covered under health or medical insurance. It is an industry practice in many countries around the world. " [...]" (Malay Mail]
"the parents who are fighting the good fight every day to give their special children a chance in this world. They fight insurance companies that will not pay for critical therapy, school systems that blithely ignore federal laws while providing inadequate services, and a bevy of carpetbaggers who exploit their desperation to find a cure in order to make a fast buck. They are often abandoned by family and friends and judged by those who know nothing of their struggle. They give up their homes, retirement savings, and any other assets to move their children as far as they can into this world." [...]"(specialchildren.about.com)

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