“Inclusion and quality education are two indivisible Education for All (EFA) priorities”

maio 05, 2008

"(...), writes Nicholas Burnett, UNESCO’s Assistant-Director General for Education, in his contribution to the Organization’s online discussion forum. “Inclusion means responding to the diverse needs of all learners”.

The participants’ contributions can still be consulted: they range from personal opinions and professional experiences to examples of good and even bad practices.

Here is an edited selection of participant’s comments:
“Leaders must give more resources to education and parents must take their responsibilities to make quality education a reality”.

“School should be a place where a child learns and finds guidance to live a better life”

“Quality education for all is a key issue for the future, as crucial as providing basic elements of living such as adequate food, shelter and safety. The protection of vulnerable groups is essential… (so is) providing the tools for their employment, understanding of issues, participation in civil society, and personal development”.

“In some African countries, free education is not enough to motivate parents and learners”.

“Education in Palestine is a very complicated process. Teachers and students suffer daily to overcome obstacles and continuous strikes of educational system staff”.

“We are nomadic pastoralists and one of the minorities and marginalized tribes in Kenya. Boys are responsible for herding, girls for milking, selling the milk and looking after the homesteads. Is it fair to provide our children with the same curriculum as others?”

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