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junho 02, 2009

Monday, June 01, 2009
By our correspondent


"Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) has planned to offer free courses to special children in different sections of engineering.

SSUET Chancellor Z.A. Nizami revealed this while speaking at the Louise Braille awards distribution ceremony held at the university’s auditorium in collaboration with the monthly magazine “Special Children.”

“Special children are the nation’s strength and asset and they have the same potential and talent like other normal people in society. I disagree with the term ‘special children’ instead I love to call them ‘sweet children’,” said the chancellor while addressing the ceremony.

Speaking on the occasion, former caretaker Sindh Minister for Culture, Tourism and Sports Amber Raza Nancy demanded that TV channels should design and present programs for special children. “I am the mother of a special child, but I always emphasize on one thing that I am a special mother, not my child a special child,” said Income Tax Commissioner Shaista Abbas. “Special Children are like a real pearl which is never round, it has rough edges,” she remarked.

Administrator Pakistan Eye Bank Hanif Sheikh said that disability is not inability. On the occasion, special children presented an music program. At the end of the programme, awards were presented to Dr. Farzana Suleman, Jamila Begum, Safdar Ali Najmi, Professor Ghulam Fareed, Anjum Yousuf, Muzaffar Ali Qureshi, Salim Qureshi, Rahatullah Pakistani, Ali Akber Amrohi and Hafiz Nasim Uddin in recognition of their indefatigable work and valuable services for the welfare of special children." (The News)

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