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junho 19, 2008

Education ministers focus on teachers’ role in inclusive education

«A broader understanding of social inclusion lies behind an international conference from 19-20 June in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Organized by UNESCO on the theme of «Inclusive Education: Improving Education Policies and Systems», the conference will bring together education ministers or their representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation.

Discussions will centre on developing educational policies and strategies to include the most vulnerable social groups in the education system, taking regional specificities into account. Priority will be given to the need to elaborate specific training for teachers as key actors in the process of social inclusion.
The findings of the Saint Petersburg conference will enrich the 48th session of UNESCO’s International Conference on Education, “Inclusive Education: the Way of the Future” (25 - 28 November 2008, Geneva, Switzerland.» (UNESCO, 18-06-2008 - Contact:

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